A Hello from our Wedding Co-ordinator

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to our Wedding pages and thank you all for making it here to find out more about Hammet @ Castell Malgwyn.

My name is Carys Williams, I’m the Wedding Coordinator at this lovely venue. We figured it would be really useful for all you planning a wedding to be able to get to know what we, as a venue, are about but also to see what kind of people you would be working with. Wedding planning can feel like a daunting task, so let’s make it as easy as possible shall we?

What is a wedding co-ordinator exactly?

Simply put, my job is to make sure that all the components of your wedding relating to the hotel run smoothly. This means that I make sure your accommodation bookings are sorted for you and your guests, your drink and food packages are exactly what you want, the ceremony and ballroom is set up how you’d always imagined and that your timings flow seamlessly from one part of the day to the other….there’s also a whole load of little details that go with this but we’ll get onto that later!

How does this work?

From our first initial meeting to the big day, I will meet, email, phone with you as often as you need to go through the details of your day. I can set up  and amend estimates and quotes based on what YOU WANT for your wedding and at the price point you are comfortable with. There aren’t any hidden costs here! 

In the build up to your wedding, I will be on hand to make sure you are happy and comfortable with everything and to help in any way I can. We can go into as much detail  as you want. We also have an extensive external supplier and local accommodation list to make help make those other important decisions easy as well.

When the big day arrives, I will be around from the early morning getting everything ready. From making sure each place setting and centrepiece is perfectly set to making sure all the champagne is chilled and ready to go. I’ll be there through till the early hours of the next morning, ensuring that you all get to enjoy the day knowing that everything has been seen to and organised beforehand. I also like to make sure that we have room available at least a week before the wedding so that you can begin to bring over decorations and favours. One of the last things I want is for a Bride and groom and their guests to be rushing around the night before their wedding making sure the place names are in the right place and so on. For us, once you are through the doors here, its all about relaxing and having a good time. We got you, and those little last minute worries, we’ll take care of them.

 How are you different to other venues?

I believe we are an unique hotel in many ways. First of all the building is beautifully appointed and, like its owners, full of personality. We have worked hard to create a tasteful and modern interior with bold greys and black walls, complimented with an AMAZING array of artwork and antiques throughout the hotel. I think there’s an impression of a blank slate here; full of potential to add your own personality and themes, but, it also works as it is, understated as much as it is rich. Its a lovely building to work in and we all feel very lucky to be a part of it.

We also differ in that we (as our owner Chris is forever telling us!) aren’t a corporate conveyor belt for weddings. What we mean by that is that when we say we are bespoke, we mean it- and we don’t charge extra for it. We have put together some really great packages for potential bride and grooms to look over. We think they are options that work really well and, for the most part it hits the right note with people, especially if you don’t know exactly what you want! But if you have something a bit different you want to add then we’d LOVE to talk about it. This is your day! Whether you want an unusual cocktails, bell tents on the front lawn, a menu that includes your favourite childhood dish,  helicopters, bird shows, fireworks and firepits etc etc…. we want to know and hear about it! The great part about this flexibility we can talk about a small intimate wedding for 10 people or a festival dance rave for a group of 150, or go from a traditional and no fuss wedding setting to something far more outlandish and unique. If we can’t do it then we can’t, but we always love to talk and see what we can do. Our aim is to be a dedicated team that listens to you and do our best to make sure it suits you.

Personal experience and ethos:

I have been working in the hospitality industry for over 14 years now, and have done so all around the world and in a variety of places. I began my hospitality career in New Zealand and from there I have a keen appreciation for great food, wine and atmosphere. I know that the quality of your product and service  is what will always be remembered. Luckily we work with the most amazing Chef (Cornel Uys-check him out)  and an owner whose love of wine translates into an exquisite wine list. All is left is the atmosphere. I learned over the years that it takes a lot of effort to make something feel effortless, and that is a lesson I have carried to heart. So, with knowledge and preparation I know that once the day is here, it falls into place with an ease…..which then sets the tone for the rest of the day. I have always loved weddings and get emotional whenever I see a ceremony,  and so it was a natural slide into Coordinating from my restaurant career.  It genuinely brings me great joy to work with a bridal party- from the initial possibilities, figuring out what makes people excited, to finally seeing it all unfold on the day. 

Advice for anyone planning a wedding:

I have been lucky in my Wedding Coordinator roles that I have worked with some wonderful brides and I love meeting each and every person who inquires with us, and its amazing how different we all are. One thing I notice though is that at one point everyone feels a bit overwhelmed with the experience, and with so many venues, suppliers, fantastical Pinterest Board ideas its not hard to see why! The things is: the expectations we all place on Weddings can be hard to get your head around. There are a lot of pressure to please everyone. DON’T. This is your day and should reflect your relationship and what’s special to you. That’s all. And, think of it this way, once you have booked you venue (in our case anyway) the essentials for the day (accommodation, food, drinks, space) are all done. The rest are all details, and with help from your family, friends, suppliers (and Wedding coordinators like myself!) these details are easily managed. There’s a veritable rabbit hole of things that you can get caught up in to worry about, but stick to what’s true to you and remember what the day is really about, and it will be perfect no matter what happens. 

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