Easter Sunday : 21st April 2019

This year, we are hosting a traditional Sunday Roast lunch in our Art Room restaurant. If you are interested, please find our menu here. If you are very interested, please call us on 01239 682 382 to book a table.

Linda Sutton : An Exhibition

We are delighted to host an exhibition of Linda’s work at Hammet @ Castell Malgwyn over the Spring and Summer. We have known her for over thirty years, indeed showed her work at our gallery in Warwickshire in the 1980’s and have her paintings both in our house and the hotel.

It is tempting to describe her a magical realist but her work is infused with something more than is connoted by this rather trite and over-worked term.

It is founded on an extensive knowledge and familiarity with the ancient legends and fables of Greece, Rome, Egypt and other European countries. This is coupled with an appreciation and understanding of literature, especially Shakespeare, which provides her with a further source of iconography. It is in the revisiting and re-interpreting of what to some (but, in this modern age, not many) are familiar images that Linda’s magic really lies.

Her paintings are thought-provoking and can be read on many levels but ultimately, the appeal for us, lies in the fact that she is always concerned with human beauty whether spiritual or physical.

Recently she has been working on a series of paintings based on opera, that wonderful melting pot of grand passion, love and death, those essential themes that provide meaning to all existence.